What is the role of IT in startup businesses?


Every business requires certain criteria to make it work perfectly and startup or small businesses are not going to be an exception to this fact stated.

A startup is virtually any business which involved two persons trying to make a scalable business online, but we sure do have a good explanation of what the startup business is all about.

Startups are newly emerged business ventures aiming at developing a viable business model to meet a marketplace need or solve a certain problem. The founders of startups develop them to be able to validate a scalable business model.

A startup is a business that tends to grow beyond the founder and have some employees with the sole aim of growing large.

It is also a known fact that the information technology (IT) has a very crucial role to play in business startups. I.T. is inevitable these days irrespective of what you do.

The role of IT in startup business

IT in startup business

1. Improvement in resource management

Information Technology (IT) in startup business has helped to improve the management of resources. Now, with the help of certain apps/solutions, everyone working in an organization can virtually carry out their task in diverse ways.

This has also helped in cloud computing as the employees get to use any device anywhere in the world to access their enterprise level softwares.

With the help of Information technology (IT) in a startup business, tasks, resources, and information can be sent to everyone in the organization and they will respond virtually.

2. Improves customer support service 

With the help of Information technology (IT) in a startup business, customers can be served well.

There are various channels through which a customer’s need can be met, these channels are products of I.T and they are important to promote an organization’s customer service reputation. Startup firms can now host webinars, to lecturer their customers/end users more on how to exploit their offers.

Maintaining good customer support is one of the best ways to build a profiting business plan, plus, gain people’s trust.

3. Boosts marketing/sales

Internet marketing using online advertising methods (SEO, PPC, CPM, Facebook ads and so on) is far more accurate than the traditional methods of marketing and finding a target audience.

It is far easier to see the number of people who engaged in your marketing campaigns. This will help startups to be able to target potential customers or clients.

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4. Provides solutions for complex problems

Without any doubt, I.T. has given ventures for more tool/solutions to be provided for a startup business. These tools will help in solving various difficult problems which they’ll encounter in the business.

Improved hardware (More memory, faster processor, sharper visual display) combines with smarter applications (Mind-mapping software like x Mind) to make researching easier.

Several tools are available as a result if the Information technology to solve difficult questions and problems with the Startup business.

5.  Improvement in decision making

Good decisions are based on solid market research. This can be done through engaging/educating team members via video conferences, reviewing public sentiments on social media and industry forums, or using online surveys to get customer feedback. There are also tools like Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Google Analytics for this action.

6. Inventory Management

Startup businesses just like every other business need to maintain enough stock to meet demand without investing in more than they require. Inventory management systems identify the quantity of each item a company maintains, an order of additional stock by using a way of inventory management.

It has become more important because an organization needs to maintain enough stock to meet customer demand.

7. Management Information Systems

Data is very important for an organization. It is like a valuable product which much is ruggedly protected. Also, it is applicable as a part of a strategic plan for achieving a business purpose.

Companies tend to use management information systems (MIS) to enable to track sales data, expenditure and productivity. They can timely track their profits using IT. tools thereby maximizing their ROI and see areas to improve on.

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8. Customer Relationship Management

Startup businesses are using IT innovations to improve customer relationship. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems capture every activity between a customer and a firm/company.

9. Data Protection

Furthermore, I.T. is applied to store and protect users information. Due to the high threat of fraud, many users would want to be sure their details are safe in the hands of companies.

Storage systems, such as vaults is a product of IT and it is a reliable system for storing business information.

10. Working remotely 

IT systems can access the remote network electronics in a startup business. It allows team members remotely from virtually anywhere. This helps to increase productivity even though some physical work has been done in the office.

11. Automation of tasks 

Now, organizations through the help of IT innovations can now run automated tasks to improved workflow. The efficiency of automation tools/softwares reduces the burden of the business/startup staff.

What more?

Now, we see that information technology (IT) is generally important as it is limitlessly helping lives in all ramifications. IT simplifies the workload for everyone in various business sectors via certain tools/solutions/machines.


Already, almost every startup business makes use of I.T.; it is versatile so it accommodates everyone. Implementing I.T to your startup businesses will make you stay on-top-of-the-class always.

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